Articles to appear

  • Sylvain Ervedoza, Pierre Lissy & Yannick Privat, Insensitizing controls for the heat equation with respect to boundary variation
  • Amaury Hayat, PI controllers for the general Saint-Venant equations
  • Nicolina Istrati, Alexandra Otiman, Massimiliano Pontecorvo & Matteo Ruggiero, Toric Kato manifolds
  • Jérôme Le Rousseau & Emmanuel Zongo, Stabilization of the damped plate equation under general boundary conditions
  • Nicolas Curien, Igor Kortchemski & Cyril Marzouk, The mesoscopic geometry of sparse random maps
  • Thierry De Pauw, Density estimate from below in relation to a conjecture of A. Zygmund on Lipschitz differentiation


A selection of articles previously published by the Journal de l’École polytechnique