Articles to appear

  • Antoine Ducros, Ehud Hrushovski, François Loeser & Jinhe Ye, Tropical functions on a skeleton
  • Jérémy Blanc, Pierre-Marie Poloni & Immanuel Van Santen, Complements of hypersurfaces in projective spaces
  • Qianyu Chen, Bradley Dirks & Mircea Mustață, The minimal exponent and $k$-rationality for local complete intersections
  • Kristin DeVleming & David Stapleton, Smooth limits of plane curves of prime degree and Markov numbers
  • Rafe Mazzeo & Francois Monard, Double b-fibrations and desingularization of the X-ray transform on manifolds with strictly convex boundary
  • In-Jee Jeong & Ayman Rimah Said, Logarithmic spirals in 2d perfect fluids
  • Vlerë Mehmeti, An analytic viewpoint on the Hasse principle


A selection of articles previously published by the Journal de l’École polytechnique